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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

COVERAGE: Real Detroit Weekly -- Oct 5, 2010

Story by Kathrine Lynx

What do you do when you've overpaid a band and realize you need money to cover your costs? If you're Maria Wade, you create the Detroit Erotica Ball.
Spawned four years ago, created in just three weeks, the Erotica Ball opened Wade's eyes to a new world. "I had a friend who was a photographer who knew a bit about that world, and I gave him a call and he helped me get in touch with the right people," she explains. The initial concept for the Ball stemmed from the people in the erotica world. Noticing the beauty they encompassed, along with their benevolence, Wade was drawn in. "I can't even explain. There's no prejudice in that world. I've watched people from all creeds ... come together in one room and I've never seen a confrontation. Everyone treats each other with the greatest respect and you see nothing but smiling faces the whole night," Wade gushes.
That first year, the Erotica Ball saw 1,000 attendees. This year, Wade is expecting people to come, not only from out of state, but also from out of the country.
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