Saturday, October 1, 2011 is it on your calendar? Come to the 5th Annual Detroit Erotica Ball and experience "Masquerade".

Please email if interested in performance, sponsor, vendor, or art exhibition opportunities.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Published Stories about DEB 2

Here are a few places you'll find reviews about the 2nd Annual Detroit Erotica Ball.

If you know of additional published stories or blog entries, please send a link to

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pics from Detroit Erotica Ball

Photos are being posted around the internet. This post is our collecting point for all those photos put online. If you don't have online hosting of photos available, please email with your contact information so we can discuss adding your content.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Detroit Erotica Ball 2 flyers

We have had requests for commemorative flyers for the Ball.

There will be a limited number of full-color 12x18 prints of the featured flyer available, plus two big 16x20 mounted prints as well. A gallery of flyer images has been created and these can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

Visit this gallery to place your order.

Facebook Event posting

The event post on Facebook has been there for a while gathering attendees. Tonight is the night, spread the word! If you are attending click SHARE and post on your profile. I've also written a note on Facebook and if you are on my friends list you can share that as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Myspace Event RSVP

If you are a member of we've got an event post online with details which you can RSVP on and invite your friends.

Tickets through will only be available online for a couple more days. If you are planning to attend buying early will save you half the cost paid at the door. That's good for a nice drink or a little something from one of the vendors at the show.


The Shorecrest Motor Inn, 1613 E Jefferson, Detroit 48207 is the selected lodging of choice for the Detroit Erotica Ball. You can reach them by phone at 313-568-3000 or visit the website - www. shorecrestmi. com

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue Dogma Poetry

Here's a little sample of poetry to whet your appetite courtesy of Dena Luckett

Your body

Moving in
ohsogoodrapidsuccession or
s l o w
d e l i b e r a t e
st ro ke s

a World Series Baseball Game;
The pitcher
thow ing a fast ball
out of park;
the hero,
for the hell of it.
foot in
slid ing
the movement of
we canter
into position;
the gates
and we

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fetish Fashion Outfit Contest

Halloween parties are known for costume contests, yet this isn't exactly a Halloween party. So we are stepping it up a notch and inviting fetish fashion designers and the like to create fetish fashion outfits for an on-stage contest.

Each contest team will have the ability to design and place on stage a mini-fashion show of their work. Up to three models can present your work for a minute per model. Bring them all on at once for a quick stage tease, or walk them out runway style - its up to you.

Judging will be based on these criteria:

  • Originality of outfits - 35%
  • Quality of outfits - 35%
  • Stage presentation - 20%
  • Team outfit coordination - 10%

As you can see we are seeking something more than tissue paper or burlap wrapped around a model. Get funky, wild, suggestive, and playful. Remember we can't have explicit lewd behaviour on stage - teasing is great and FUN! Music coordination during your segment will be discussed at rehearsal (see below).

Contest Entry

Entrance fee to be in the show is $30 for one outfit plus $10 per additional outfit. That really isn't much more than paying the advance ticket price for each person coming into the show.

Your team must have a designated stage coordinator who will be present for one rehearsal prior to the show and on-site the night of the show by 10:00pm. Rehearsal times will be presented to all contest entrants ASAP upon receipt of entrance fee.


The money collected from entrance fees will be the prize with half the money collected going to our first place contestant, and runner-up getting one quarter of the collected contest fees. So if we have 10 entries of one outfit that is a potential $150 first prize.

Since we have a tight stage schedule we have to request entry fee to be in the contest is paid by October 13, 2008. There will be rehearsals scheduled each week, so the sooner you are entered the more opportunities your team has to meet with us and know the stage and contest better.

Submit Your Entry

Please email the number of outfits you will be placing in the show, your coordinator's phone number, and payment arrangements. We accept payment via PayPal to (include payment note indicating for Fetish Fashion Contest) or by check to Silent Partners Network, P.O. Box 66453, Roseville, MI 48066. If you have questions please call Stephen at 248-632-6156 or email

Monday, September 29, 2008

Call For Erotic Art Exhibition

Embedded below (and linked) is our Call For Art to be in the Detroit Erotica Ball. If you are reading this through a feed, please visit the blog post to get details.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Physical Tickets will be Available for pickup Thursday Oct. 2nd.

This is for performers only! Meaning Bands and Live Entertainment Act's that have agreed to help promote the show and whom have accepted payment by sales of tickets, which each performer will receive so many tickets. 100% of sales remains yours and you decide if you are to give away a ticket or not for your guest.

This does not include Fashion Designers or Vendors. Everyone Please be advised this year there is no Guest List for anyone except for Media and special appearance's made by Local Celebrities that have contacted me in advance By RSVP.

The Guest List was completely abused last year so I have to be stern this year with whom has free entry into the show.

If you have crew or anyone that is actually helping with your show their names must be admitted ahead of time otherwise everyone will have to have a ticket or pay to enter into the Venue.

Any Questions or Concern's please contact Maria at (586) 321-2273.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi Everyone it is that time of year again. The Detroit Erotica Ball is back again Bigger Better and More Provocative, with some of the most erotic fun in all of Metro Detroit.

This year we have an amazing line up of bands, talent, vendors, designers and models.

And for those of you that just love the kinky fun well we have a spot set up just for you. This years highlight the "G" Spot. Private, Seductive and fun for all couples that want to get a way from the crowd if only for a moment. This is not a side show for just viewers this is your own little spot to get a way. Right inside the Erotica Ball. No Camera's or Video's will be allowed in your little domain. It's Private It's Fun it's your own little get away meet and greet all night during the show at the "G" Spot. This little night club will be heavily guarded for your protection. The "G" Spot is located inside Bert's Warehouse only during the hours the Event is taking place.

We ask this year that everyone be apart of the festivities, please dress in your best costumes. If you are not up for dressing up a mask will work just fine!

The Second Annual Detroit Erotica Ball, if you think last year was fun well ya gotta come and check it out this year!